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Thank you Val’s Pal’s

October 7, 2016

This morning, our favorite radio team did a shout out for Claire’s Place Foundation as part of their “Nissan MYFM Vals Pals” campaign that helps bring awareness and support to Southern California charities.

We thank you for shining a light on our programs that support children and families living with cystic fibrosis!  We will also be competing to win a $20,000 grant sponsored by Nissan to assist even more families in the coming year…stay tuned for the date ~ we will need you all to place your VOTE!

Link to the mp3


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World of Children®Recognizes Claire’s Place Foundation

September 17, 2016
Claire’s Place Foundation Recognized for Supporting Children Living with Cystic Fibrosis
World of Children® Youth Honoree 2016
The only way we ourselves can get through pain and suffering is by giving to others – so that is what my family and I decided to do.”  ~ Claire Wineland
These are the words that started our foundation 6 years ago.
World of Children® Award improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective change makers for children worldwide.  This year, our Founder Claire Wineland, has been awarded the Youth Award 2016 for the work she does here at Claire’s Place Foundation and with children living with cystic fibrosis around the world.  We are humbled and grateful to say the least.  Please take a minute and visit their website where you can see profiles of all the 2016 Honorees ~ quite an amazing group of individuals.
As part of their 2016 Award, World of Children® has initiated a matching campaign for Claire’s Place Foundation.  All donations made through this Crowdrise link between September 15 and October 21, 2016, will be DOUBLE MATCHED up to $5,000. That means your $10 donation turns into $30 , your $100 turns into $300! And because they are underwriting all processing fees, 100% of your donation goes to Claire’s Place Foundation and the families we support!

We don’t want to miss out on a single penny of this amazing offer to help children living with cystic fibrosis. World of Children will match our $5,000 with another $10,000 making a grand total of $15,000!  We can do this with your help.

“When a child is sick, especially with Cystic Fibrosis, nothing matters more to them and their family than being able to be together… but often that requires a lot of love and support from others”

On behalf of all the children and families we will be able to assist with your donations, thank you!



It’s that time again!  Join us on October 8th for our 4th Annual Poker Event benefiting children and families living with cystic fibrosis.



samantha-frossSamantha and Kathie have quite a rare situation, both mother and daughter have cystic fibrosis.
Claire’s Place Foundation is a life saver!  They helped with rent and power, saving us from being evicted. We are a family with mother and daughter with CF and had an extreme circumstance come up that was unexpected right after my daughter spent 27 days in the hospital. Thank you for your kind and loving support
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My Last Days

August 16, 2016

WorkCpeYReGUMAEiSGPing with the amazing cast and crew on My Last Days was a dream come true.  Finally, someone is creating mainstream content about living with terminal illness that actually empowers us rather than showing us pity.  Please be sure to tune in and be inspired on August 17, 18 and 19 at 9/8c on your local CW Network channel.

“It’s not about how much time you have on Earth, it’s about what you make of that time.”

Big love to Wayfarer Entertainment and The CW Network for keeping it real!

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Meet Juan ~ Extended Hospital Stay Grant Recipient

July 21, 2016

Juan was introduced to Claire’s Place Foundation by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Compass program, a personalized service to help you with the insurance, financial, legal and other issues you are facing.   Juan is a vibrant young man living with cystic fibrosis, trying to maintain a full time job as well as his health needs on a daily basis.  As most of us  know, insurance companies can be very difficult to maneuver and often times the co-pays when dealing with a chronic illness are insurmountable.

Juan’s doctors prescribed the use of a High-frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Vest almost one year ago Photo (1)but he had not been able to find a way to cover the equipment co-pay which was just over $3,000.  A Social Worker at the Compass program reached out to us after an extended hospital stay to see if we might be able to help.

With the funds raised at our events this year, we were able to send a check out directly to the maker of the vest system so that Juan could receive his vest!

His most recent email says “I started using my new vest system and looks like it is doing its job.  Yesterday, I went to my doctor appointment and my PFT (pulmonary function test) went up by 3%! I owe Claire’s Place Foundation those 3%!!!

Last year, Juan participated in the CF Foundation’s Maryland Cycle for Life Event and created a beautiful video of his team, the Spinning Dreamers.  Please take a look at this inspirational young man’s commitment to raising funds to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!  YouTube Spinning Dreamers Video

Your donations are hard at work helping families that look to us for assistance ~ thank you so much!


Blog & Events, Families we have assisted

Meet Reid ~ Extended Hospital Stay Grant Recipient

July 4, 2016

Reid was referred to us by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Compass Program, a personalized service to help “CFers” with the insurance, financial, legal and other issues they face dealing with cystic fibrosis, a lifelong, chronic illness.

Reid came to us with a unique situation, requiring us to expand our reach to be able to provide her with much ReidSmithneeded assistance. Rather than one extended hospital stay, she was struggling with an exorbitant out of pocket medical bill resulting from years of hospitalizations due to cystic fibrosis.

She wrote “I am a married 30 year old female with Cystic Fibrosis, working full time and supporting my own medical expenses. Through my job, I have health insurance; however, each year I meet the $6,1250 in out­of­pocket maximum. Over the years, these expenses have compounded, leaving me with over $12,000 in debt to (hospital name confidential) and a hefty monthly payment. With the help of the CF Foundation, I have negotiated a settlement sum with the hospital to eradicate this insurmountable debt so that I can move forward and investigate a new insurance plan that will relieve this monthly burden.”

A special meeting of our Board of Directors resulted in our decision to provide several thousand dollars towards Reid’s hospital bill, making it easier for her to meet the initial lump sum payment agreement she had negotiated and move forward with a more realistic monthly payment plan.

Reid sent us a beautiful quote to share with all of you that support our efforts in the hopes that you understand how incredibly helpful your generosity is to people in the CF Community.

“I wish to express my gratitude to Claire’s Place Foundation for assistance with out of pocket medical costs. Most adults strive to find the right work/life balance; as a working adult with CF, one must find a work/life/CF balance. Lengthy hospital stays and missed time at work combine with oftentimes untenable medical expenses. I am extremely grateful to Claire’s Place for helping relieve some of this stress by assisting with my medical bills and allowing me to seek the proper care. Yours is an extremely helpful and wonderful service to provide to the CF community.”

Reid, we wish you all the very best ~ you are an inspiration to others!

As always, thank you for your support!  To make a donation to this program, please click here