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Teen Choice Awards 2015

August 15, 2015

 Teen Choice Awards 2015

Sunday, August 16 5pm to 7pm Pacific on FOX

Be sure to tune in on Sunday to the FOX Teen Choice Awards 2015!  This year, FOX is honoring 8 teens from across the country who are out to make positive change in the world and our Founder, Claire Wineland is one of them!

Thank you so much – without our amazing supporters, we would not be able to make a Fight Songdifference in the lives of children and families living with cystic fibrosis.  To date, we have been blessed to aid many families with our Extended Hospital Stay Grants.  If you know of a family raising a child with cystic fibrosis and they need a helping hand, please refer them to us..we are here to help.

Want to join in on the fun? We are hosting a beautiful Amaris Art Show and Wine Tasting Soiree here in the Los Angeles area on August 22nd.  All proceeds will benefit Claire’s Place Foundation and Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Long Beach.  Tickets are going fast…be sure to BOOK your ticket today.

Much love and gratitude,
Claire’s Place Foundation


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Please Consider Making a Donation to Help These Families

July 13, 2015

Thank you so much for visiting our site!  We are busy raising funds to provide assistance and support to families like ours living with cystic fibrosis.  Our Extended Hospital Stay Grant Fund provides financial support to families who are experiencing a hospital stay of 14 consecutive days or longer.  Long hospital stays are quite common for “CFers” and something we refer to as a “tune up” in our community.  IV antibiotics, bronchoscopies and nutrition improvement are some of the things these tune ups include.  Behind the scenes, there are many single income families struggling to keep up with the incurred expenses and we aim to bridge the gap and allow them the peace of mind they need in order to stay at their child’s bedside.

We have been fortunate enough to assist many families in the past 4 years.  Here are just Extended-Hospital-Stay--online-sa few and the beautiful sentiments they have shared with us.

It is only by enlisting supporters such as yourself that this is possible!


Thank you so much

Claire Wineland, Founder


The Dr Oz Show

November 11, 2014

The Dr Oz Show


Friday, November 14

This has been the hardest secret for us to keep but we finally get to announce it: our Founder, Claire Wineland was a special guest on The Dr Oz show in NYC last week and the show airs THIS FRIDAY!
Dr Oz found Claire through her latest project, The Clairity Project and  her recent video “The Perks of Going to the Hospital“. Of course, we were honored and excited to take a little weekend in NYC to meet his wonderful production team and make big strides in forwarding our mission of spreading awareness about cystic fibrosis through both The Claire’s Place Foundation and The Clairity Project.
Please be sure to TUNE IN on Friday, November 14th to The Dr Oz Show and if you know any others living with cystic fibrosis that might want to watch, feel free to forward this announcement and/or post on your social media pages.
The Dr Oz Show website will tell you how to find your local listings and times. The segment will also be posted on their website for a short period of time after it airs~ just in case you miss it.

Our Moonlight Glow Ride was A BLAST!  Thank you to everyone who showed up to ride with us and to those of you who supported from afar by making a donation.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook to see some of the great pictures.  If you didn’t get a chance to make a donation to the glow ride, please take a minute and do so this week.  We raised just under $15,000 which is phenomenal!  We will leave our Crowdrise Page up until November 20th in the hope of getting a little closer to our original goal of $30,000.  Remember, every penny counts and goes directly to assist families struggling to make ends meet while raising a child with cystic fibrosis.
If you know of a family living with cystic fibrosis that is in need of support, please share our website with them.  We are excited that our foundation is growing and are always looking to meet new families that may need a helping hand.  Raising a child with a chronic, life threatening disease is difficult at best – we want families to know we are here to help.
Thank you ~
Melissa Nordquist
Executive Director