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Raising CF Awareness on a Global Level with Philips Breathless Choir

November 18, 2015

Hello and tphotostudio_1447886263358hank you so much for visiting our site!  We were thrilled to participate in the making of the “BreathlessChoir” series for Phiilips Electronics new portable oxygen concentrator the “SimplyGo Mini”.  Our founder, Claire Wineland,   was featured along with 17 other people suffering from various lung conditions.  The documentary style commercials are geared towards “living life to the fullest” which is our very favorite message to share in the Cystic Fibrosis community.


To see all the beautiful commercials, please visit the Philips “Innovation + You” website here:  Philips Breathless Choir Continue Reading…

Blog & Events, Press

Founder, Claire Wineland Wins National Award for Heroic Service Activity

September 16, 2014

WDenny'shat an amazing way to spread some cystic fibrosis awareness! Claire Wineland, Founder of Claire’s Place Foundation is honored to win the prestigious Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes 2014. Thank you to all for your continued support as we find more ways to reach the the people that need our help! Join us by making a donation today or participating in an upcoming fundraiser.



LA Daily News Link

Barron Prize for Young Heroes 2014 List

Official Press Release:

California Youth Wins National Award for Heroic Service Activity

Claire Wineland receives notable award for her dedication to making a difference in the lives of others living with cystic fibrosis

Boulder, CO, September 16, 2014 – Claire Wineland, age 17, of Redondo Beach, California, has been named a national winner of the 2014 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. Each year, the Barron Prize celebrates twenty-five inspiring, public-spirited young people from all across America who have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet. The top fifteen winners each receive a $5,000 cash award to support their service work or higher education.
Claire created Claire’s Place Foundation to provide emotional and financial support to families whose children have cystic fibrosis (CF). In three years, she has raised over $150,000. Claire, who lives with CF, began her work following a life-threatening experience in the hospital at age 13, when an infection following a minor surgery spread throughout her body, sending her into complete lung failure.
She was placed in the intensive care unit in a medically induced coma for several weeks and given a 1% chance of surviving. She defied all the odds and after regaining her strength months later, decided to help other families living with CF. She credits her recovery to the love and support she received and wanted to offer the same to others.
Her first goal was to set up an Extended Hospital Stay Fund to help families pay bills and reduce financial worries while caring for their children during lengthy hospitalizations. She also created CF University, a website of text and video resources to help newly diagnosed families understand the world of CF and to give longtime CFers the latest information and hope. The website offers detailed, child- and teen-friendly information on terminology and medical procedures, and on living life with cystic fibrosis to the fullest, not just struggling along until there is a cure. Claire is also working to create a Support Families program that will connect newly diagnosed or isolated families with a more experienced support family. “I can’t help but feel that cystic fibrosis gave me the gift of passion – passion for life and all it holds, its ups and downs, struggles and opportunities,” explains Claire. “And I can’t imagine a better way to live than trying to share some of that passion and help others going through the same thing.”

The Barron Prize was founded in 2001 by author T.A. Barron and was named for his mother, Gloria Barron. Each year’s twenty-five Barron Prize honorees are as diverse as their service projects. They are female and male, urban and rural, and from many races and backgrounds. Half of the honorees have focused on helping their communities and fellow human beings; half have focused on protecting the environment.

“Nothing is more inspiring than stories about heroic people who have truly made a difference to the world,” says Barron. “And we need our heroes today more than ever. Not celebrities, but heroes – people whose character can inspire us all. That is the purpose of the Gloria Barron Prize: to shine the spotlight on these amazing young people so that their stories will inspire others.”

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes is in association with National Geographic
Education Foundation; Girl Scouts of the USA; Earth Force; the Jane Goodall Institute; Youth Service America; and Student Conservation Association. For more information on the Barron Prize, visit

About Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc.
Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing support to children and families affected by cystic fibrosis (CF). Claire’s Place Foundation is named in honor of Claire Wineland, now a teenager, who has been living with CF her entire life. Named Small Nonprofit Organization of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal, the foundation provides grants to families affected by CF, offering both emotional and financial support. A young author of bestseller “Every Breath I Take, Surviving and Thriving with Cystic Fibrosis,”

Claire’s unique inspirational model for people living with this disease has led her to be a TEDx Speaker and receive multiple awards including Southbay Magazine’s “Top 10 South Bay Teen”, Looking Beyond LA’s “Soaring Spirit Award,” and a nominee of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship” awards. She has been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal and seen on the Hallmark Channel and ABC’s “Everyday Health.”

Claire’s Place Foundation is a way for Claire to give back with hope, strength, and joy and make meaning of what she has had to go through. For more information and make a donation, please visit


WINNER! Claire’s Place Foundation WINS “Small Nonprofit of the Year”

July 31, 2014

photostudio_1446833536892Los Angeles Business Journal Award

Claire’s Place Foundation wins “Nonprofit Organization of the Year”

Claire’s Place Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by 18-year-old Claire Wineland, was awarded “Small Nonprofit Organization of the Year” by the Los Angeles Business Journal for their work helping children and families affected by cystic fibrosis.

The Los Business Journal presented Claire, who was born with cystic fibrosis, with their “Organization of the Year” award in the small organization category at their fourth annual Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards. The sold-out event recognized more than 100 nominees, both individuals and organizations that are making an outstanding impact in our community. The awards are designed to honor those professionals and organizations in the nonprofit world that continue to make a difference

“I was just about speechless when they called my name to accept the award,” said Claire.  “We are so very lucky to live in a world where when we see a need in a community of people we can make a difference. I am just so honored to be in the company of all of these organizations making the world a better place.” We were blessed to attend with our dear friends Laura McHolm and Karyn Gatt of NorthStar Moving Company.  Laura McHolm sits on our board of directors and has been a champion of Claire and her work at Claire’s Place Foundation.  Laura was also honored with a nomination for the Corporate Citizenship Award acknowledging all the wonderful, philanthropic work she does in our community.  A great example of her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others is her most recent project with Coldwell Banker of Southern California “Send Hunger Packing“.  Read more about it here and please help them make a difference for children in LA County at risk for hunger.  Let’s Send Hunger Packing Food Drive 2014

Claire’s Place Foundation is featured in the current copy of the Los Angeles Business Journal along with a brief description of our foundation and our programs. Click here to see the digital copy of the awards supplement.  Beautiful pictures from the event at the end of the packet and a full page about the foundation on page 8.  Digital Awards Supplement pdf

We wanted to share this with you, our dear supporters, so that you can share in our joy and know that by making a contribution to Claire’s Place Foundation, you are supporting our efforts and our mission of helping families living with cystic fibrosis.

Lots of love and gratitude,

Melissa and Claire
Make a donation..make a difference!