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California Families – Have you heard of CoachArt?

September 25, 2012

Hello everyone ~

We recently received such an amazing gift and wanted to share with all you other California families living with cystic fibrosis.  CoachArt is a foundation based in California, that helps chronically ill children and their siblings enjoy activities with mentors such as piano lessons, horseback riding, soccer, special art classes, photography lessons, etc.  We were introduced to them at our hospital on one of Claire’s long stays – they had a representative drop off an application and we submitted it promptly.  Within weeks we got a phone call from a volunteer trying to find out a little more about Claire and what she was interested in.  We finally decided as a family that piano lessons were something she has always wanted but we just were never able to fit it in to our tiny budget.

CoachArt went to work to find  us a lovely piano teacher in our area, willing to provide her services as a mentor through CoachArt.  So far, Claire has gotten 3 lessons and we are amazed at how quickly she is able to pick it up.  Without CoachArt’s help, we never would have been able to explore this as a creative outlet for her!

If you are in California, we encourage you to look them up!  We are very grateful for their services and can really tell that the volunteers at CoachArt love these kids and offer their services out of kindness and sincerity.

Thank you CoachArt!

CoachArt improves the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their siblings by providing free lessons in the arts and athletics.  To enroll a child, become a volunteer or to donate, please visit them at

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