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Claire’s Birthday Celebration

April 10, 2020
Today would have been Claire’s 23rd birthday,we are celebrating her in 2 ways!
Exclusive Claire Performance of “Galaxies”, her original song!
First, a never before released video of her singing her original song “Galaxies” when she was 15 years old. Pieces of this song were in the soundtrack of her YouTube Originals Claire | The Documentary released last year and we have had many people ask for the entire song.
We love that people are doing #quarantineconcerts right now during this coronavirus pandemic so we thought it would be a fun way to participate. Hope you enjoy! You can go to her YouTube channel to view the lyrics as well.
Join us for Virtual Birthday Cake!
Secondly, we are hosting a “virtual birthday party” for her over the next few weeks where you can participate by purchasing a slice of cake, ice cream, balloons and even host your own party in her honor!You can find all the details about this virtual celebration by clicking below or going to Here

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