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Introducing Self Care Sundays

January 12, 2021

Claire’s Place Foundation has been busy formulating a new program for our supporters, to thank you for your dedication to Claire’s legacy and mission. As we start a new year, we hope the Instagram Stories series we are calling “Self Care Sundays,” helps you turn the page and nourishes your mind, appetite and skillset.

Each Sunday this month we will feature a different lesson hosted by leading experts on Claire’s Place Foundation’s Instagram. From workouts, art, mindfulness, cooking and more, the series aims to give you a thoughtful end to your weekend and a positive start to your week.

We launched the Self Care Sundays Instagram Live sessions at the onset of 2021 and they have been extremely successful. Mark your calendars for our next three!

Tune in to Claire’s Place Foundation’s Instagram and Facebook channels for all the details and added sessions. All of the Instagram videos will be saved in “Highlights ~ Self Care Sunday” and on our website if you want to revisit them in the future or share with friends & family.

We love you and are so grateful for your support in 2020. Let’s make 2021 a strong year by remembering to take care of ourselves and make positive changes.

Find out more about our contributors:

Ashley Azevedo: @Ashley_Azevedo

Maribeth McFaul: @Maribeth_McFaul

Bailey Vantassel: @bailey_vantassel

Amy Budden: @connectthemind

Katie Chin: @chefkatiechin

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