Peak Flow & FEV1 Home Meter

We found a wonderful product for monitoring your pulmonary symptoms at home and staying ahead of the ball!  Try the Microlife PF100 Digital Peak Flow & FEV1 Meter as a means of predicting an oncoming cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbation.  Our board member Dr Leila Yoonessi, Pediatric Pulmonology fellow at Miller Children’s Hospital, Long Beach comments below on recent research:

“Although the research is ongoing, CF researchers have preliminarily validated in a small home FEV1 monitoring in a group of CF patients (ages 14 and older), and found it can predict pulmonary exacerbations before they develop overt symptoms.  I believe this is a good way for CF patients to take a preventive and proactive approach to cooperatively treat their health and well-being alongside their treatment team.  I hope our patient’s use this tool as a part of their every day treatment plan so the treatment team (including the most important person–the patient) can take action before more serious symptoms develop.  This is an exciting way for us to empower all members of the cystic fibrosis population!   Please note this tool does have its limitations since it has not been tested in younger children and there is only one study.  Nothing beats exercise, optimal nutrition, airway clearance, and the treatment regimen your doctor chooses along with regular checkups with your doctor”  ~ Dr. Leila Yoonnesi

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