Our families need us right now and we need you!

An important message from our Chairman of the Board, Laura McHolm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here for you! Let’s spread the word not the virus ~

Melissa Yeager
Executive Director



We are proud to announce the release of the documentary CLAIRE exclusively on YouTube. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Nick Reed and Ryan Azevedo and Produced by Paul Foley, the film tells the story of Claire’s Place Foundation Founder Claire Wineland through interviews and footage, exploring her fight with CF and how she has inspired millions to find purpose and to live proudly.

The film was released on the one year anniversary of Claire’s passing (September 2, 2019). At 21 years old Claire had over 35 surgeries and spent thousands of hours in the hospital, but that is not what defined her. Claire was an activist, speaker, philanthropist and author. She committed her life to traveling the world and speaking about her experience, from the beautiful and humorous, to the painful parts of her life. She inspired all who followed her journey and broke down barriers for those who live every day with a chronic illness.

“Claire taught us to not run from the terrifying parts of life and to live a life that you are proud of,” said Co-Director Nick Reed. “Claire is our angel warrior, she opens us up to a more fulfilling life.”

“I’m a much better person because of Claire,” said Co-Director Ryan Azevedo. “I think everyone that worked on the film is a better person because of Claire. That’s the effect she has on people. Claire made more of an impact in 21 years than most people ever will.”


Dear Claire:

Sweet Warrior Claire,

You led the charge.
We know our mission.

We will not wait to live.
We will live now.

We will not falter.
We will not stop.

We will continue your fight.
We will make a difference.

Your legacy lives.

Not even death can silence you.
The world is still listening.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to keep her foundation alive as a safe harbor for families living with CF. We will not falter, and with your help, we will not fail.


Laura McHolm, Chairman of the Board of Claire’s Place Foundation

Five Feet Apart and close to our heart

We sure do love Justin Baldoni!  Thank you Justin for shining such a huge spotlight on cystic fibrosis in your new, directorial debut “Five Feet Apart” starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson.  Our late founder Claire Wineland was a paid consultant on the film, working to depict the life of people with cystic fibrosis in this realistic, heart felt film premiering on March 15, 2019.  Be sure to get your tickets and show your support!

Justin Baldoni, a star of the hit TV series “Jane the Virgin,” joins TODAY to talk about sitting in the director’s chair for his new teen romance movie, “Five Feet Apart.”

Click to watch Justin on the Today Show

See the inspiration for Stella’s hospital room in the movie Five Feet Apart    

The inspiration behind Stella Grant’s beautifully decorated hospital room in the movie Five Feet Apart was Claire Wineland’s passion.  Claire was all about creating safe and comfortable spaces in hospitals, mainly her own hospital room.  Watch the video below she created years ago showing her “Hospital Room Makeover Start to Fin” which inspired a new and exciting program here at Claire’s Place Foundation.

Claire’s vision for hospital rooms led to Claire’s Place Playrooms

We are thrilled to be working with our friends at Zappos for Good, bringing Claire’s Place Playrooms to hospitals across the country in the coming years! Our flagship playroom is at Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC, a wonderful community hospital that was in need of a playroom remodel. Next stop, Memorial Care Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach!

Get to know Claire’s Place Foundation

Get to know Claire’s Place Foundation and the inspiration behind it. We strive to make sure families can breathe a little easier and spend that precious, sometimes limited time with their loved ones with CF. Not only do we make hospital rooms comfortable, we make life for families with CF comfortable too.  You can read stories of real families we have assisted  by visiting our blog.  Help us keep Claire’s vision alive and touch the donate now button.