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The Wait is Over ~ The Power of Two Documentary is Available

June 5, 2012

Hi everyone ~

This is so exciting!  We were introduced to Ana and Isa Stenzel a few years ago when lung transplant became an option for me.   They even took the time to have a few phone calls with me when I was going through the evaluation process and was so afraid.

They are identical twins with cystic fibrosis who have both received double lung transplants and have gone on to spread awareness all over the world about transplantation and the miracle of life. The documentary they created tells their story pre and post transplant and all the ups and downs that go along with that. They also travel the world sharing their amazing story and supporting others.

If you live with cystic fibrosis, there is a chance that a discussion about lung transplant may come up at some point.

You don’t want to miss this beautiful, touching story of twin triumph!

Please watch and spread the word – they are two of my heroes!

Lots of love,



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