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In Loving Memory of Maria

July 1, 2016

Maria’s family came to us almost 4 years post double lung transplant.  Their daughter, Maria, received a lung transplant in 2012 and enjoyed many years with great health.  Sadly, in February 2016, she was admitted for chronic rejection and subsequently passed away in April 2016.  Maria Fajardo fence picture

Her family spent 3 months with her in the PICU as Maria and her doctors fought to reverse her rejection. Her mother says “Maria was a real fighter, a lover of life, we will miss her more than words can say.  Our long hospital stay created great financial hardship and of course emotional as now we must deal with laying her to rest.  Thank you Claire’s Place Foundation for your support ~ we really needed a shoulder to lean on and you came through for us.”

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Rest in Peace dear Maria

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