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Meet Emma ~ Extended Hospital Stay Grant Recipient

December 12, 2016

Meet Emma, a theatrical, vivacious teen living with cystic fibrosis.  Over the last year, her CF course has been plagued with several admissions, most recently for nearly an entire month, in a city quite far from their home.  Admissions such as this place a huge burden on families as it can 123_1_2cause a family to be separated for the duration and need to maintain the cost of what can feel like two households.  Food costs and lodging for caregivers, transportation costs of traveling to and from the hospital, child care for other siblings and many times, the loss of income adds up to an insurmountable financial crisis.  fb_img_1478017166739

We were so very grateful to be able to grant this family some much needed assistance, with the support of our donors.  Checks were sent out directly to their landlord, utilities company and car loan for the month so that they could focus their energy and time on being with Emma while she received the care she needed.  We are happy to report that Emma is now home and doing well ~ our thoughts and prayers are with you little fighter!

Emma’s mother writes “We are so appreciative of your organization and we know how very blessed we were to receive a referral from our social worker and ultimately a grant. Having support helped us get caught up and that meant so much to us. We are a one income family and it’s tough. Thank you for making it easier for us to be there for Emma.” 


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  • Reply Duke Keagan December 12, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    Hang in there Miss Emma. There are many off us out in the world who understand what you and your family are going through. It is so hard on the family we love and difficult to watch as they give up their goals and dreams to be with us and to care for us. While I do not have CF, I am a 100% disabled Air Force Veteran. My wife put my needs before hers for the fifteen years I was active duty. Thats when my injuries ended my career. Thinking I would be able to help her meet her goals was a short lived wish as my injuries took turn after turn of getting worse.

    You and I, those like us, owe our families so much. Perhaps in the next life we will be able to repay some of that service and love. But for now, I am very grateful for my loving wife. There are so many others out there who have been left behind.

    Live your life young Miss. See and feel all the beauty around you, always.

    Love 😀

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