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Meet Christina ~ Recent Extended Hospital Stay Grant Recipient

January 17, 2020

Christina or “Tina” to her family and friends is a vibrant and precocious young lady living with cystic fibrosis. This last year has been especially difficult for her as she enters in to an experimental Phage Therapy for an aggressive multi drug resistant organism living in her lungs. There are many dangerous, antibiotic resistant bacteria affecting our CF community in the last 10 years and treatments are often times difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable. However, we are grateful for new Phage Therapy addressing these issues and hope that Tina has a wonderfully positive result.

This last year alone, Tina has had 6 extended hospital stays and those can put an incredible burden on the family both financially and emotionally. Our Extended Hospital Stay Grant Program is alive and well and hard at work in our community thanks to our donors and supporters ~ thank you all!

Tina all ready for dance class

Tina’s mother writes “This grant brings so much relief to our family in this stressful time, especially around the holidays. We have spent months and months in the hospital and the stress that it brings is very hard on our family and it’s even harder during the holidays. This grant is such a blessing for us and takes so much weight off our shoulders. We will be forever grateful to Claire’s Place Foundation and all it’s donors for this wonderful gift!”

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