Extended Hospital Stay Grant

Meet a few of the children and families helped by Extended Hospital Stay Grants

We understand the financial stress that can occur when people with cystic fibrosis have extended stays in the hospital, often in a city far from home.  Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc. has set up a special cache of funds available to CF patients as well as families with CF children that are experiencing a hospital stay of at least 14 consecutive days or have experienced within the last calendar year.

If you or your family is in this extended stay position, please apply for financial assistance to help with mortgage, rent, utilities or any other basic monthly bills by asking your hospital worker to reach out to us by sending a letter of referral on your behalf. Once the letter is received, an application will be sent in reply to be forwarded to the individual or family. The number and amount of assistance will be determined by the board of directors depending on the amount of funds available at the time the application and referral are received.

Eligibility for our Extended Hospital Stay Fund Program is as follows:

1.         Any child or adult diagnosed with cystic fibrosis who has experienced a 14 consecutive day hospital stay within the last calendar year.

2.         In order to review the request for financial assistance, a hospital professional (Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker) must send a letter of referral.

This letter may be sent via facsimile, email or postal service:

  • Email:  grants@clairesplacefoundation.org
  • FAX: 480-393-4979
  • Mail:  Claire’s Place Foundation
    2110 Artesia Blvd, Ste 819
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Please include the following information in initial referral:

  • Patient’s  full name, date of birth, and diagnosis
  • Name of parents or caregivers if under 18 or dependent of parents
  • Brief description of current financial distress
  • Dates of qualifying hospital stay (must be a minimum of 14 consecutive days)
  • Contact information of hospital worker for verification

Financial assistance is typically a one-time payment for approved applicants paid to a third party vendor on applicant’s behalf. After this one time payment, additional letters of request from the hospital professional may be submitted to Claire’s Place Foundation if further assistance is needed.

Thank you so much for your interest in our program. If you are a child with cystic fibrosis or a family member of a child with cystic fibrosis interested in applying for our extended hospital stay financial assistance, please have your hospital worker, social worker or doctor contact us by sending a letter of referral. Email referral ensures quickest processing of grant:  grants@clairesplacefoundation.org